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monday, august 22, 2011
Simple Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

Hello again.

One of the sad facts of life is that we all have to deal with getting older. BUT this does not mean we have to take it lying down!! I am not suggesting that we all rush out and get surgery, but there are a few simple little makeup tricks we could all be doing to take a few years off our face :-)

Here are my top 5 tips for looking younger:

#1. Avoid Pale Skin:Overly white skin can make you look older but ironically so can overly tan skin (think of the lovely leather handag look of years gone by)... the answer? A nice bronzer applied under your cheek bones and blended back towards your temples until it looks natural. Also apply lightly to areas that would normally be touched by the sun- think forehead, bridge of the nose and your chin.

#2. Lose the Heavy eyeliner. This can really date your look and also has the effect of drawing your eyes downward- creating a bit of a "saggy" effect- this is generally not flattering!! The answer here... keep your eyeliner to a minimum and don't line all the way along the lashes. Start about two thirds of the way in (leaving the inner third bare) this will open up your eyes a little. Give your eyeliner a slight "wing" at the outer corners, which help to draw the eye up and give you a bit of a lift.

#3. Frame It!! Your eyebrows frame your face and when enhanced can really help to give your face a lift. Brush the brows in an upward motion and trim any long hairs. Brush into place and then fill in lightly with a matte coloured shadow 1-2 shades lighter than your natural hair colour Set by brushing through a brow gel. If you do not have a brow gel then a bit of hair spray brushed through will achieve the same result.

#4. There comes a point when 'all that glitters is NOT gold'. Glittery products should be avoided for the most part. They tend to attract attention to unwanted areas- especially crows feet. This also applies to some foundations- especially mineral products. I LOVE mineral makeup, but make sure that you invest in a good one. Cheap mineral makeup can look a bit glittery which as stated can be unflattering and make you look older. Instead, invest in a great quality mineral foundation which will give you the perfect glow and take years off instantly. A bit of white shimmer just in the very inner corner of your eye is fine and will make you look awake and brighten up  the area- however be sure to use a matte shadow everywhere else.

#5Highlight! Use a highlighter to bring out certain features and give your face a youthful glow. Areas that should be highlighted include the top of the cheek bones (smile and tap cream along the top of the cheek bones until it 'disappears') and the cupids bow of the lip. Use a matte eyeshadow 2+ shades lighter than your skin and highlight just underneath the eyebrows (on the brow bone). This will make your eyebrows look amazing but no one will know exactly why that is :-)


Well that's it for now. Go and look like the youthful beauties you are, and I'll catch you next time :-)



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